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9.7 Review score
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    24 August 2017
    It's a soul purifying journey staying in Sergey's house.
    The owner of this property is a well educated and friendly person. He told us about the area, the Orthodox Church, when we left, he gave us some small painting of Virgin Mary. He also helped us booking ferry tickets and guide us to restaurants. His children, his dog and the white cat are all lovely. Every 5 pm, there was Church bell ringing outside the house. The sunset view was fabulous. The house is very near the Shaman rocks and ferry pier. We recommend this accommodation without hesitation.
    10 July 2017
    Good place to stay when you are on Olkhon.
    Super friendly!
    21 June 2017
    Wonderful place
    Very cozy bed and warm, clean room. Wonderful lake view. I saw sunset and sunrise through the window. And every single person in olkhon are gentle and sense of humor. Want to visit again.
    Pearl Guo
    8 April 2017
    看得见日落的房间 私人订制小团 a room with sunset Tailor-made excursion
    The room view, sunset , is 5 star; the excision by Sergi is super 5 star! Highly recommend! Located on the top of hill, wonderful sunset view just from your window! 10-15 min walking to famous sightseeing points, even in the chilly winter morning , but really worth! The room is comfy, most important with own bathroom & shower. A small kitchen outside shared with other room. Highly recommend Sergi's excursion! We had joined two tours operated by different person. The north route handled by a young Russian man, with limited English, but can cook very delicious fish soup as lunch !! Another day we joined Sergi's south route execution. For sure this execution cost looks higher than others, but what you get will be 10 times than others. More background on Baikal , natural history culture and everything you want to know. Furthermore Sergi had arranged tailor-made fun for our small group, everybody was very enjoyable!
    23 March 2017
    Miss everything on the Olkhon Island
    The memory of staying with Sergei and his family is the most valuable during my Baikal Trip: waking up in beautiful sunshine through windows in the morning, and falling into musics played by the lovely family before sunset. Life in Khuzhir is just simple and ordinary, and I still enjoyed myself with their care. They are so friendly and warm-hearted. I really wish I could stay for more days:(
    14 January 2017
    Little paradise
    That we had to leave after five days paradise.
    Serguei's house is perfectly located walking distance to the shaman rock. The view from the room on Baikal lake is just amazing. The room itself is huge, well heated and breakfast is huge and yummy as well. Sergei and Anastasia were just great to be with. They make you welcome like we were part of their family. Anytime we needed something, Sergei was there to get it organized for us. We will remember forever the new years's eve celebration with them, Sergei playing guitar and singing with his friend some russian folks songs like Oy da ne vecher oder Valenki, Anastasia singing "aux champs elysées" and Sergei's friend playing piano. I can only recommend Sergei to take you around the Island, he knows the best spots and will share with you the love of this little paradise. We will get there for sure in the near future. Thank you so much. Nadia&Fred
    18 December 2016
    Love Strangers
    We decided to go olkhon island on the same day as we booked PhiloXenia. It was so hasty, but everything went quite smoothly in the end. The beared man picked us up at the dock as we recognized him by the photos on He was quite friendly and thoughtful by the first impression. We didn't have any plan, so chose to take a tour with him. He spoke quite fluent English (also French, Greek, and Russian). We went to many unexpected places and got to know both his experience and the island's history. The room we lived in might be the nearest one of the Lake Baikal. You don't need to go far to see the best scenery on the island. The room's inner decoration is also quite delicate which stands out on the island. It's really worth the higher price. However, please save water in the washing room because it's hard to get water from the lake (by car‘s loading). We had food from his neibour, Naja, who cooked quite decent food, while not expensive at all. Naja also presented his husband's birthday cake. Cheers! It's more like an airbnd than a hotel experience, because you are not only 'sleeping' there but 'living' there. I helped to take abandoned stumps back home and also tried to chop firewoods. We played with his children in the forest. You would be in awe of nature at Lake Baikal, thanking nature for giving us food and place to live. Maybe you would also get a life-changing experience after getting to know the humans living on that island. PhiloXenia means love strangers in Acient Greek and I really felt loved lving there. Hope you also, stranger!
    10 December 2016
    few days in paradise
    It was really cool to spend time here , serguey's house is really comfortable and he and his wife are really help full !! Cheers
    9 December 2016
    Really good stay, beautiful rooms, perfect staff
    Really good location, Serguei (staff) is really nice ans speaks perfect french ans english, he is very helpful.
    18 October 2016
    It was an amazing experience and a right choice that we booked Sergei’s room at Olkhon. I would strongly suggest you choose here if you are still hesitating on sorting hotels. Below are some highlights of our view for your consideration. 1) Location - the house locates at the east of island just near a church, children’s land and Shaman Rock, the available room here is big enough to accommodate 4 people, and you can see the sunrise inside the room every morning. 2) Landlord – it is hard to find some people here can speak English, well here the host - Sergei is a fluent English speaker, he listens, knows, is willing to help and give the advices on your travel plan. You can hear more stories of his own if you talk, then believe you will trust him more and deeply. 3) Schedule - we don’t spend much time on headachy schedule. Sergei helped to book our 1 day tour, took us to the North Line by his own truck and cocked the most amazing lunch picnic for us, and the last, he drove us to the airport – really far away. But it was never boring, you can know the outline of this island, Russian songs, and foods as well. By the way, Sergei’s wife cooked breakfast is amazing as well, the cookies we liked most, it is impossible that you would say “I am not full” here. 4) Others – we left a wifi emitter on Serger’s truck and found the issue quite a long while after arrived the airport, we called Serger and he responded with no hesitation that he would check and be back, and sure he did. That is a touching moment we took it as an unforgettable memory. We travelled a lot and barely wrote a long comment on hotels, this is the one. Hope you read and make the choice wisely.
    10 October 2016
    beautiful view, nice family, good breakfast.
    thanks again to Sergei. really good experience on Olkhon. we can not find a place to eat ,Sergei take us to the good restaurant. Also the home was warmly and breakfast really nice.
    Che xi
    28 September 2016
    Fantastic experience
    I was trying to book Nikita but didn't make it and then I found here and I met Sergei, which is and will be one of my best experience. This hotel on top of the hill is full of privacy, best view against the lake in the room, in which I can just sit there and enjoy the sun set. The shaman rock is just 5 mins walk, where you can enjoy the sun raise. The room itself is big enough for a 3 people family. It's clean and cozy, with heater. Last but the most important, Sergei is the best host I've ever met and I really appreciate all the helps and care he and his lovely wife gave us. He saved me out of the forest, arranged my one day trip, drove me to dinner, shared with me his story and beer, made terrific breakfast for us. He and his wife doesn't only help their guests but also help the people in the village. That's why i can see Sergei is always busy. Thank them and I recommend this hotel to you all. You can learn from Sergei and his family, which makes your trip even more valuable. Btw, their dog Lucy is so lovely.
    Ben Stanton
    8 September 2016
    Highly recommended
    I can't think of anything wrong, perfect stay
    Sergei the host is such an amazing person, he is incredibly hospitable, will make you feel welcome and is a wealth of information. The rooms are clean and very good value for money. Philoxenia is situated on top of a hill overlooking town and has one of the best views of the lake you will find. I highly recommend you stay here during your trip to Olkhon.
    4 September 2016
    Not what we expected
    There is no breakfast, no signal to reach the place, the price is too high for what they offer. The bed is uncomfortable and you cannot have dark in the room. There is no acustic isolation so you can hear in the room everything happens in the apartment downstairs, where live the owner with his family, including the waking up early in the morning.
    The rooms are big and have a very nice view. The owner is nice and helpful.
    Pei Lin
    16 August 2016
    Very friendly, kindly and nice. Perfect place in Olkhon. We have very nice memories over there.
    18 July 2016
    Nice Nice Nice
    Nice place and Sergei is soooo warmhearted! The bed is comfortable and the view is wonderful! Thank you Sergei. Thank you Olkhon island!
    17 July 2016
    excellent experience
    excellent experience, hope to come back
    1 July 2016
    Peaceful experience that I will save it in my heart
    The hotel was really nice and warm, and Sergei took us to a tour to see lake Baikal. It was FANTASTIC, and Sergei is just person with so much love and caring for the others. His price is a little bit expensive compared with the group tour, but it was truly worth for it, especially we could have a quiet time with the nature when the groups were away. Sergei is really humble man! Living happily with his wife, children, and a dog in this beautiful place. I would never forgot my stay here. It was peaceful nature and lovely people. That's it. And that's enough.
    22 June 2016
    healing place!
    no at all
    Comfortable and Peaceful place!!
    10 June 2016
    Great experience in my lifetime
    It would be wonderful if Sergei could open a restaurant as Sergei's wife cooks incredibly well.
    Everything is perfect, the breakfast, the location, the lakeview room, the inside facilities, the hospitality of the whole family and etc... Sergei drove us to explore the islands. This experience is unique and great. We enjoyed it very much! It is hard to say goodbye. Now we begin to miss Sergei and his family~ We will definitely come back and see them again!
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